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Andras Nagy-Sandor is a Hungarian artist based in London, UK. 
Andras' practice is predominantly an attempt at unpicking the aspirations and ambivalences within his masculinity. He examines vulnerability, the desire for protection and support, the relationship between technology and the body and experiences of cultural-shock by employing body armour as a symbolic visual device within his work.


For Andras, body armour has become a fluid metaphor that stands in for embodied hybridity and the relationship between the encased body and the external world. The dichotomous relationship between hard and soft, fixed and fluid, structured and chaotic, as emblemised by armour, is at the heart of Andras’ practice. It helps keep balance between representational elements and abstraction that at times folds into pattern Automatic drawings fuel this process, often leading to paintings on canvas, plywood, paper and the wall featuring anthropomorphic, sometimes multiheaded beings that float between cultures and identities.


Through his work, he does not seek to celebrate the concept of armour, instead it becomes a focal point around which to gather personal experiences of vulnerability, a yearning for shelter, and a contextual framework that offers both a limitation and a false boundary to transgress. His works draw on a particular frame of reference including memories of Hungarian folktales told to him by his mother, visuals andnarratives from science fiction, comic books and anime, and a cultural impetus to imbue inanimate objects with rich histories and providences – the idea that everything has a story.



2022 MFA Fine Art Painting, Slade School of Fine Art, UK

2018 BA (Hons) Fine Art, Newcastle University, UK

Solo Exhibitions

Nov 2023, Hold, Hew Hood Gallery, London

Nov. 2022, Tease, Hew Hood Gallery, London

Feb. 2022, Bizz bennem/Trust me, Fest; Tisztit Gallery, Budapest, HU

Selected Group Exhibitions


June 2023 Somewhere In Between, Hew Hood Gallery, London

Jan. 2023 Who holds the sword?, Hypha Studios, London

Jan. 2023 London Art Fair, Artistellar Gallery, London

Nov. 2022 NOW Introducing 2022, STUDIO WEST, London

Sept. 2022 Extension, VO Curations Angel, London

Jun. 2022 Slade Graduate Degree Show, Slade School of Art, London

Apr. 2022 Emergence, The Room, London 

Feb. 2022 Dream Baby Dream, The Fitzrovia Gallery, London 

Feb. 2022 I'll Be Your Mirror, Boisdale of Bishopgate, London 

Jan. 2022 Why Don't You Dance, ASC Gallery, London 

Jan. 2022 Assemble, VO Curations, London 

Dec. 2021 Paint Talk presentsWith Love II, online

Aug. 2021 Flirting with the Border Guards, Terrace Gallery, London 

Nov. 2020 Paint Talk presents With Love, online 

Nov. 2020 ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, online due to COVID-19

Aug. 2020 Material Figures, with Grace Mattingly and Lindsey Jean McLean, VO Curations, London

Jan. 2020 Slade Runner, ASC Gallery, London

Feb. 2019 hu, Hungarian Traveling Exhibition, White Conduit Projects, London 

Jan. 2019 hu, Hungarian Traveling Exhibition, Abject Gallery, Newcastle

Nov. 2018 hu, Hungarian Traveling Exhibition, GENERATORporjects, Dundee

Nov. 2018 Young Contemporary Talent 2018, Ingram Collection, The Cello Factory, London

Jul. 2018 Newcastle University Degree Show, Newcastle University and Unit 8 at Copeland Park, London

Mar. 2017, Fancy a Cuppa?, Vane Gallery, Newcastle

Other features
2022 Art Aid for Ukraine on WTF? and The Auction Collective
2022 FUNDRAISER FOR UKRAINE on Collective East
2022 Art on a Postcard auction on Artonapostcard


Awards and residencies

2022 STUDIO WEST NOW Introducing 2022 runner up

2022 Mary Rishgitz Award, Slade School of Fine Art

2021 Colart Residency, London

2018 Shortlisted for the Young Contemporary Talent 2018, Ingram Collection

2018 Hatton Prize


2023 Artist Andras Nagy-Sandor Talks to Bella Bonner-Evans on

2023 In Conversation with Andras Nagy-Sandor on

2023 Andras Nagy-Sandor: Tease on

2022 Look at this!-Group of Young Painters (Ezt nezd!-Fiatal Festok Tarsasaga) on 

2021 Queer Budapest Podcast - Fragile Masculinity on

2020 Interview with the organizers of project hu (Beszélgetés a project hu szervezőivel) on 

2020 (Zoom) Studio Visit: Andras Nagy-Sandor WTF? 

2019 hu – Hungarian Touring Exhibition on corridor8

2019 hu (Hungarian Travelling Exhibition) podcast on HeyArtWhatsGood


2018 Northern Light, Young Hungarian Artists’ Exhibition in Dundee (Északi Fény. Fiatal Magyarok Kiállítása Dundee-ban) on


2023 Visiting Artist and workshop organizer at Newcastle University (Expanded Narrative in Painting)

2022 Visiting Artist at Camberwell UAL

2022 Co-producer of an art workshop/lecture at Cyprus College of Art alongside Julianna V. Berta

2021 Visiting artist at Newcastle University

2020 Co-Organizer of project hu X HOXTON 253 Residency

2020 Co-curator of Slade Runner

2018-2019 Organizer of hu/Hungarian Touring Exhibition

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